Shila Amzah “My Journey” Concert In Malaysia 2017 - 茜拉“心旅”2017马来西亚演唱会, Gary Chaw “A Friend” Live Concert in Genting - 曹格“我们是朋友”云顶演唱会, The Great Yoga 2017 World Tour In Malaysia - 林宥嘉《The Great Yoga 2017》世界巡回演唱会 – 大马站, KPOP Sensation 2017 - Kang Gary & Jessica, Eric Chou THIS IS LOVE Live In Penang 2017 - Eric 周兴哲《This is Love》个人演唱会 - 银河庆典版 - 槟城站, Nancy Sit & Friends «Golden Classics» Let’s Get High Concert Live in Genting 2017 - 流行经典(High 翻天)云顶演唱会, Richie Jen Live In Genting 2017 - 任贤齐演唱会2017云顶站, LALA HSU You Made My Day 2017 Malaysia Live Concert - 徐佳瑩《是日救星巡回演唱会2017 – 大马站 》, 18th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship 2017 - 2017第18届马来西亚全国舞狮锦标赛-云顶杯, Live Goes On Let’s Celebrate Grasshopper 2017 in Genting - 草蜢世界巡迴演唱会 – 云顶站
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Phone Booking

  1. For phone booking, kindly contact us at 603-2280 0363
  2. Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia with processing fee of RM4.00 per ticket and handling fee of RM3.50 per ticket shall be included.
  3. No other party’s credit card shall be used for ticket purchase. BUYTICKETS reserves the right to request for your IC / Passport and Credit Card for verification when required.
  4. Kindly inform our customer service personnel on which event you would like to purchase.
  5. Choose the zone / block and confirm the ticket price.




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