G-kids Theme Park

Floor 3/4 in Stellar Walk Mall, Permas Jaya Senibong

Parco Kids Edutainment Sdn. Bhd. (1210568-V)

Jalan Persiaran Senibong, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 
Masai, Johor,


For 13 years old and Above:


For 1~3 years old and Below:





Event Synopsis

 G-Kids (Greenland Kids) is a children-oriented edutainment centre that turns real-life educational experiences into a fantasy of fun discovery and exploration!
By blending learning and reality with entertainment in the world of occupations, G-Kids is the perfect learning platform to boost communication skills and to provide children with a better understanding of different jobs, inspiring them to pursue their future careers and to explore the world of opportunities.
G-Kids welcomes children from ages 4 to 12 to experience the world of occupations. In addition, children will be able to learn the value of money as they will be given “G-Coinz”, the currency used in the theme park to earn and spend as they participate in all the activities.G-Kids boasts more than 30 real-life edutainment stations for that fun discovery and exploration!
Escape from today’s digital world and cultivate your child’s skills and talents at G-Kids, located at Permas Jaya, Stellar Walk!
Experience and let the dream sail at G-Kids!




G-Kids is a recreation space built to match real-life city for children and young adults age 4-17. Children can wear uniform of a police, firefighter, chef and other professions to carry out real career experience. After work they will receive the money, which is the virtual currency called G-coin. They can save it in the bank or take it to purchase products in retail store or spend in leisure activities. In order to match with children’s height, the stores, restaurants, and cars are adjusted to 2/3 of the actual size of the objects. Children can learn more about the nature of work and hardships in different sectors and hence, discover their interest in the profession through the real life role-play experience.

For instance, G-Kids theme parks are divides into 3 main sections which consists of 30 activity studios to let your children experience the bitterness and joy of adult world in ancient, modern and futureworlds, come and explore!

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